About Us

What we do

At Boo we take cutting-edge research and translate this into a delivery style which is engaging, participatory and above all fun. Participants learn from each other aided by great facilitation.

We know that our training gives clients more than a set of skills. We go beyond the learning outcomes and strive to make a real impact. Feedback tells us that for some, our courses are truly life changing.

We pay huge attention to the strengths of organisations and build a bespoke approach which ensures we concentrate on what’s strong and build on this. It is this strength-based approach that ensures that we unlock the potential of individuals and organisations and leads to transformational change.

At Boo we recognize the strength of collaboration. We have a rich network of associates and partners who share our values and help to drive our innovation. We have been a driving force behind Collaborate Out Loud, a movement to inspire a new way of working with the public sector. In 2017 we founded Collaborate Out Loud Bolton which has brought partners from across a wide range of organisations in all sectors to work together. In 2018 we co-founded the Social Business Collective, a network of like-minded enterprises that want to drive positive change in Bolton.

Who we are

The business has grown from a strong values base and we are growing a team of staff and associates who share these values. Boo is an inspiring and energizing place to work. Staff and Associates are given the opportunity to come together to collaborate and design innovative, bespoke customer solutions and are always encouraged to inject creativity, vitality and fun.

Staff wellbeing is given the attention it deserves and there is recognition of the need to synchronise work with family and other priorities. Care and kindness run throughout the organisation. The team regularly check in with each other and particular care is given to the mental heath of staff. Space is created for team members to talk about their mental wellbeing in an open and supportive way. In support of physical health, staff are able to cycle to work, hold walking meetings and healthy eating options are on offer. Boo also offers an unlimited paid time-off policy. This policy recognises that appointments and child care emergencies come up from time to time and this flexible approach means that these interruptions, which happen to us all, don’t need to cause unnecessary stress.

Why we do what we do

Team Boo are passionate about enabling organisations to build healthy leadership cultures where all colleagues can thrive.

If we can create a few ripples within organisations, developing amazing leaders who are truly equipped for the modern workplace then imagine if this rippled further into the communities in which they exist. We are driven by wanting the best for communities and the systems in which we live and work.

Our Community

Although we deliver nationally and internationally we have deep roots in our home town of Bolton. We are committed to contributing to Bolton’s 2030 vision and believe our business has a big part to play. We don’t want to limit our coaching and mentoring offer to organisations who are able to pay for it. We are always looking for ways to provide opportunities for the local voluntary sector to benefit from what we do.

Communities deserve the opportunity to access great coaches and mentors and we know that we have a lot to learn from a broader range of clients who have different life experiences. This has led us to develop an offer which gives an hour back to the community for every day of corporate training we deliver. This offer includes community coaching days, supported places on our coaching and mentoring programmes and team events rasing funds for local charities. As the public sector’s capacity to meet demand shrinks we feel we are innovating to fill this gap in a way that’s a win win for all.

We operate our HQ from Little Bolton Town Hall, an historic building in the heart of Bolton which leaves us ideally situated to collaborate with other local businesses and communities who share our passion for the town.

More information regarding the Bolton 2030 Vision can be found here.